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Lesson Planning for Pre-K through 1st Grade

This lesson reinforces the Good News that Jesus came to save us and raise us to eternal life.

Lesson Planning for 2nd Grade

This lesson reaffirms and encourages the practice of praying for the dead. It teaches the special ways that we pray for the dead in the funeral liturgy and at each Mass during the prayers of the faithful

Lesson Planning for 3rd Grade

This lesson teaches students about the central aspects of the Catholic burial rite and how it both honors the deceased and offers consolation to the family.

Lesson Planning for 4th – 6th Grade

This lesson teaches students how families and the Christian community participate in the corporal works of mercy when they bury/inter the dead.

Lesson Planning for 7th – 8th Grade

Purpose: This lesson relates the students’ own suffering and redemption to Christ’s Paschal Mystery. It seeks to connect in a meaningful way the pattern of death and resurrection to the… Read More

Lesson Planning for 9th – 12th Grade

To help young men and women in high school understand the traditions of the Catholic funeral.

Lesson Planning for Adults

To help adults in the RCIA program understand the traditions of the Catholic Burial rite.

Three Sacred Moments

(5:11) – This video is a clear description of the three-part journey of Christian burial. It explains the importance of the Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal.… Read More

Why a Catholic Funeral Part One

(2:18) – With testimonies from priests and family members, this short video shows the importance of a Catholic funeral not only for the deceased but also for those left behind.… Read More

Why a Catholic Funeral Part Two

(1:38) – This is a short video that uses the testimony of loved ones to focus on the beauty and the healing powers of a funeral. It shows that the… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Pondering Death

(3:51) – How do humans, and specifically Catholics, think about death? What lies behind a fear of death? Should you bring children to funerals? Interviews with priests, monks, and laity… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Do You Fear Death

(3:34) – Witnesses speak of perhaps being afraid of dying but not afraid of being dead. Jesus’ dying helps us to overcome the fear of death. We hear of the… Read More