A Meditation on Death by Bishop Donald Hying

(3:49) – In the wake of the COVID pandemic, Bishop Hying shares his experience of the death of loved ones. The raising of Jairus’ daughter (Mk 5:21ff) illuminates the power… Read More

Three Sacred Moments

(5:11) – This video is a clear description of the three-part journey of Christian burial. It explains the importance of the Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal.… Read More

Why a Catholic Funeral Part One

(2:18) – With testimonies from priests and family members, this short video shows the importance of a Catholic funeral not only for the deceased but also for those left behind.… Read More

Why a Catholic Funeral Part Two

(1:38) – This is a short video that uses the testimony of loved ones to focus on the beauty and the healing powers of a funeral. It shows that the… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Pondering Death

(3:51) – How do humans, and specifically Catholics, think about death? What lies behind a fear of death? Should you bring children to funerals? Interviews with priests, monks, and laity… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Do You Fear Death

(3:34) – Witnesses speak of perhaps being afraid of dying but not afraid of being dead. Jesus’ dying helps us to overcome the fear of death. We hear of the… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Own Mortality

(5:12) – This video focuses on our own mortality – we will all die. We hear from people who came near death and how they came to better understand that… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Resurrection

(4:52) – This video explores the importance of Jesus’ resurrection on our attitudes and understanding of our own death. Without the resurrection of Jesus, our faith makes no sense. The… Read More

Understanding Death Series – What Will Heaven Be Like

(6:13) – Several people pondering the reality of Heaven help us to envision what we have to look forward to after our death. The ultimate relationship with Jesus is what… Read More

Understanding Death Series – Culture of Death

(4:42) – Various parts of our culture have created a numbness to death. If we do not have hope in God, then this numbness creeps into our lives. When we… Read More

The Understanding Death Series – Helping Someone Who Is Suicidal

(2:51) – A counselor shares that a suicidal person is usually trying to get away from pain. We should first try to stop them from going through with it. Then… Read More

Death and Burial Talk – Scott Hahn (short)

(4:20) – Dr. Scott Hahn offers a short theological and practical reflection on death in his inimitable style. Perfect for setting the tone for parish funeral and cemetery planning nights.… Read More