Many Travelers, One Journey!

(6:34) – Many lay witnesses describe their positive experiences of the journey of Christian burial. The journey is clearly described from the Wake, to the Funeral Mass, to the Rite of… Read More

Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal

(4:54) – Rituals are key to comforting Christians in times of grief. Practical aspects of the Vigil, Funeral Mass, and Committal are explained from the perspective of how the rituals… Read More

The Hike – Cremation Journey

(1:53) – Short video of friends on a hike who have a casual discussion on the availability of cremation and what the church teaches. The video shows the beauty of the… Read More

Los Sagrados Momentos

(5:11) – Este video es una descripción clara del viaje de tres partes del entierro cristiano. Explica la importancia de la Vigilia, la Misa Funeraria y el Rito de Compromiso. La… Read More