All Souls Day – Devotion to the Poor Souls

Devotion to the Poor Souls is really a covenant between them and us. We pray and sacrifice for them, they can pray and suffer for us.

All Souls Day – Including Yours

November is the month in which the Church remembers the dead.

All Souls Day – Four Last Things

What happens to us when we die? We believe that firstly we will be judged.

Assumption and Cremation Homily

One day those who live and die in the Lord as Mary did will spend eternity body and soul in heaven, alongside her, alongside her son, with all the angels and saints who have gone before us.

Funeral: Children of God

As children of God, we have a glorious future because God in his goodness and generosity wants to share his love and life with us.

Funeral: In the Hands of God

What better place could we go after death than into the hands of God? What a beautiful way to describe God’s care for us.

Funeral: Praying for the Dead

When we lay a wreath in someone’s honor, the flowers will wither but the prayers we offer for someone will never wither.