Use by the Bereavement Committee

The videos and publications featured below can be used to show the the entire process of the burial from Vigil to Mass to Committal. They are quite helpful in explaining the purpose of each of these steps on the journey.

Coping With the Death of Your Loved One
How we process a loss is a unique experience. No one grieves in the same way. There are many different factors that influence how a person will grieve. Contrary to… Read More
Understanding Catholic Funerals – The Vigil, The Church Service, The Committal, Cremation
As Catholics, we fulfill our obligations to the deceased, with whom we remain connected, by lovingly following the rituals of the Church associated with death. In doing so, we proclaim… Read More
Scripture Readings & Suggested Music for Funerals
As a general rule, all corresponding texts from sacred Scripture in the funeral rites are interchangeable. In consultation with the family and close friends, the minister chooses the texts that… Read More
Three Sacred Moments
(5:11) – This video is a clear description of the three-part journey of Christian burial. It explains the importance of the Vigil, the Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal.… Read More
Understanding Death Series - What Will Heaven Be Like
(6:13) – Several people pondering the reality of Heaven help us to envision what we have to look forward to after our death. The ultimate relationship with Jesus is what… Read More